Pole Sport For Equality: The Gay Pride NYC

Literally within hours of the Bill passed by New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo, the annual Gay Pride Parade received a tremendous increase in participant attendance as well as press access request. The recent news of legal marriage between same sex genders became a platform for major giant corporate companies to pitch their products and brands. The event had huge floats by Chase bank, Macy’s, Wholefoods, MasterCard, Broadway shows and high schools, all showing their support for equality. Retail shops in the city celebrated the day by designing their windows with the Gay Pride theme, especially the ones along the parade route.

The window dressing of Ralph Lauren's Rugby store in the village


Rebbeca Starr for Body & Pole

Pole Sport was well represented at the historic parade. Body & Pole, a pole fitness studio based in New York City was on hand to lend their support featuring performances by co-owners Lian Tal and Kyra Johannesen as well as instructor, Rebecca Starr. They pole danced their way down 5th Avenue to the village on a bike!

It was a noisy and jubilant day in the West Village. Nonetheless, the parade brought out friends and families supporting a loved one in their fight for equality. Families were seen held up their underage kids on their shoulders to get a better view of the racy fashion and activities of the parade. This used to be an event meant strictly for the adult crowd but today was a special one, parents allowed their young children to witness history in the making, a time when same gender celebrated legal unity with pride. It was not to be missed.

Halloween parade has nothing on the Gay Pride parade fashion statement. The denizens of the city took to the streets in thongs, super high heels, lingerie, huge winged carnival costumes, multicolored outfits and in some cases -naked. The weather was pleasant at about 80 degrees, allowing for more risque bare all attire.

Fashion Statements At The Parade


There were many representatives from just about every part of the world; Jews from Israel, Jamaicans, Asians, Latinos, Africans and so much more -even Catholics for Gay Rights! All proudly declaring their preference for same sex marriage or simply there to show support. Many of them are from parts of the world still strongly opposing same sex relationship much less having rights for same sex marriage. 

Politicians didn’t miss a chance to get their names out there just in time for the upcoming elections. Congressmen openly and proudly showed their support by walking the parade. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s name was on almost every float, he was given the rock star treatment that the likes of Madonna and Kanye West would envy. He will definitely be in the history books for this major achievement. If New York can bite the bullet and make this happen, so can the rest of the world. It’s only a matter of time.

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