Pole Unity/Miss Pole Dance UK

Pole Spin magazine started its charity initiatives by donating subscriptions for auction at the Alzheimer’s Association Gala in New York on June 6, 2011. Also on June 25, 2011, about 20 pole schools from around the world came together to take part in the annual Pole Unity for Pole Sport Benevolent Fund organized by K. T. Coates in United Kingdom. The event was inspired by the terrible accident of Debbie Plowman, a mother of 2 who was paralyzed from the neck down as a result. Several products were donated from various companies and auctioned off to raise funds.

Kay Penny of Pole Passion collaborated with the Pole Spin magazine by having the publication available for sale at the Miss Pole Dance UK competition with 100% of the proceeds going to K. T. Coates for her charity organization, Pole Sport Benevolent Funds.

Here is K.T. Coates thank you card and note for our effort in helping to raise GBP250 for her charity. We would like to share this letter of gratitude with our readers worldwide. This was sent to us by KT Coates of Vertical Dance in the UK whose recent charity event we helped raise 250 GBP towards her charity event Pole To Peak for Debbie Plowman with the assistance of Kay Penny at the Miss Pole Dance UK in June. We have long been a supporter of the cause since 2010 when we started and can be seen in our online coverage http://polespinmag.com/welcome/2010/08/poletopeak/. We hope to keep doing more through our Pole For A Cause charity initiative coming up in full swing this fall. Please contact us for assistance with more charity endeavors you might have, nothing is too little. We would love to help.

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